Where can I find my referral link?

Referral links are study specific. If you refer a friend who participates in the study you referred them to, the Respondent platform will pay you $50 via PayPal. 

Referral Links

Referral links are not available on every project. For the projects they are available they can be found in three places: 

1. Browse Active Projects


2. My Surveys

For studies that you have already opted in to participate, your referral link can be found; 

My Surveys > Click the study title


3. Email

After you have opted in to participate in a research study, you will be sent an email confirming the receipt of your screener responses and a link to refer friends and colleagues to the study you have just taken


For more details and terms and conditions about referrals, please refer to other referral articles on the Respondent knowledge base. 

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