My status is set to 'paid', but I have not yet received my money

To check your payment status, click 'my surveys' and then find your relevant project. 

If you status has been set to 'paid', but you have not yet received your money, rest assured it will be on it's way! 

Please note: Researchers may take several days to mark Respondents as paid after the research interview has taken place. If you have attended your research session and have not yet been marked as 'paid', please reach out to the researcher to remind them to do so. 

If you have been marked as 'paid' for more than 10 business days (please keep in mind that this does not include weekends and holidays) and have not yet received your payment, please contact If you have not yet been marked as 'paid' for at least 10 business days, please wait - payment will be on it's way!  


If your payment is scheduled for a date that falls on a holiday or over the weekend please keep in mind that you will be paid within 1-2 days after that date. 

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